ZRT Labs Cortisol Awakening Response Saliva Kit

ZRT Labs Cortisol Awakening Response Saliva Kit

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The Cortisol Awakening Response – also called CAR – reveals more detailed clues that help in assessing adrenal hormone/HPA Axis dysfunction. Six cortisol collections in 24 hours is the most common method for assessing CAR. Start saliva collection within five minutes of waking for the day, followed by a second sample at 30 minutes, and a third sample at 60 minutes. The rest of the diurnal rhythm can be assessed at the normal time intervals – noon, evening and night.

Cortisol Awakening Response Profile includes: Saliva: DS, Cx6

Consider for: PTSD, hormone imbalance, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, menstrual irregularities, anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, low energy, digestive disorders, and any other conditions influenced by stress or past trauma.

About Saliva Testing:

  • Saliva testing identifies bioavailable hormone levels – the active quantity that’s free to move into body tissue. Its non-invasive nature also make it the gold standard for tests requiring multiple collections, such as diurnal cortisol.
  • ZRT developed the methodology making saliva hormone testing commercially viable
  • Only lab to perform extraction — the accepted methodology for research studiesNo special shipment methods required
  • Samples are stable during shipping, even over the weekend and holidays

Suitable for:

  • Assessing “free” (unbound to carrier proteins) hormone levels
  • Monitoring hormone replacement given orally, topically, vaginally or via pellets
  • Determining diurnal cortisol levels (4 times during 1 day) for adrenal stress assessment

Not Suitable for:

  • Monitoring sublingual / troche hormone replacement
  • Patients with dry mouth, e.g. due to Sjögren’s Syndrome

Saliva tests are done from the comfort and convenience of your own home.  No need to visit a physical lab.  Return shipping to ZRT Laboratory is included. The results of your test(s) will be returned directly to you with analysis and explaination.  You may share your test results with your healthcare provider if you choose.


*Please note, residents of CA, NY, and MD require a physician's prescription for lab tests.